I Heart Candy

Delicious candy line!

I <3 Candy - Blue Raspberry 60ML

I Love Candy Blue Raspberry is a spot on recreation of those scrumptious little blue colored raspberry gummy candies that absolutely burst with bold fruit flavor. Mad Hatter E-Juice knows how to make quality vape juices that completely satisfy snack...

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I <3 Candy - Watermelon 60ML

Juicy, sweet watermelon has been put into a delicious candy vape juice form by the master juice makers at Mad Hatter E-Juice. Watermelon is a crowd pleasing candy flavor, usually, the first choice picked out of the bag and a guaranteed hit. This...

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I <3 Candy - Rainbow 60ML

A rainbow of fruit candy flavor that feels like you're tasting the rainbow itself. I <3 Candy is a vape juice that will add some interest into your vaping routine. Every inhale gives you a different combination of fruits just like when you take a...

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